Solve your file-sharing control problem.

Not comfortable putting files on Dropbox or Google Drive?

Do you need to keep ownership of your files in the cloud?

Do you need client-side encryption?

Do you need secure mobile file access?

Filosync is an enterprise-ready file sync/share product for teams.


Real-Time Sync

  • Changes are sync'd immediately with your other devices, and with your colleagues.
  • Sync all projects all the time:
    • Changes are sent and received in full duplex.
    • All projects are sync'd simultaneously.


  • Files are encrypted on the client side before leaving the computer or device.
  • Encryption keys are never stored on the server.


  • Simple, fast setup in 5 minutes.
  • Simple to sync, share, access.

No Limits

  • No limits on file sizes, number of files, or storage size.
  • Send huge files to others painlessly.

Easy File Sharing With Public Links

  • Drag and drop a file from your project onto the OS X menubar icon to create a URL to share the file -- no need for the recipient to install any software!
  • Tap the Share button on iOS to create a URL to share a file.

Secure Mobile Access

  • Access your Filosync projects from any iPhone or iPad
  • Open files in other apps for editing, and then save them back to Filosync
  • Invite others to projects
  • Share files via link
  • Rename files
  • View project change history
  • Save files as Favorites for offline viewing
  • Passcode lock to prevent unauthorized access

Lightweight and Fast

  • Filosync for OS X is a "native" app built especially for OS X. It's fast and consumes little RAM or CPU.
  • Filosync for iOS is a "native" app built especially for iOS.

Multiple Projects

  • Invite different groups of people to different projects
  • Select which projects to sync to each computer
  • Sync in-place -- no need to put your files in a special folder for sync to occur

Full Access Control

  • Administrators can add and remove users, devices and projects; add and remove project members


  • Set up a CNAME alias for your server's IP address and tell your server about it. From then on your server will use that hostname in all email links etc.

Cloud Storage

  • Unlike peer-to-peer sync products such as BTSync and AeroFS, with Filosync there's no need for a certain computer to be on and connected in order to access your files; a copy is securely stored on your server

World-Class Support

  • We respond to our customers very promptly.
  • Contact us via email, Twitter or phone.

Straightforward Pricing

  • No need to talk to a salesperson to get a price
  • On the other hand, we're here and would love to talk with you if you have a question or comment! Just send us mail, a tweet, or give us a call.

Get Started

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How It Works

Filosync is a software product that you run in your own environment, giving you complete control.

But it's also extremely easy to set up and does not require ongoing maintenance.

Filosync Corporation has no access to your data because it's in your environment.

Run your Filosync Server in your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, or on-premises. In either case, setup is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Filosync AWS Server

  • Runs in your AWS account
  • Architected as a scalable cloud application, using an EC2 auto scaling group, RDS database, and S3 storage
  • Filosync for OS X automatically configures all AWS resources — no manual AWS setup required
  • All data stored in AWS are encrypted before being sent there

Filosync for OS X

  • Runs in the background on your Mac
  • Connect to 1 or more Filosync Servers
  • Sync selected projects to your hard drive
  • Invite colleagues and share projects with them
  • Share files and folders via secret URLs (optional)

Filosync for iOS

  • Connect to 1 or more Filosync Servers
  • Access your server's projects and their files
  • Open project files in other apps, and save edited files back to Filosync
  • Invite colleagues and share projects with them
  • Share files and folders via secret URLs (optional)





Up to 5 devices per user


Includes 12 months of free updates,
upgrades, and support

Includes client apps for Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad

Sorry, we're not accepting new customers at this time.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up my Filosync server?

You run your Filosync server in your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. Learn more

Does the server license include hosting costs?

No. You are responsible for hosting costs. We're just the software provider. You run the software in an environment you control.

Can I add licenses later on?

Yes. All additional licenses you purchase for a server are prorated to be in step with your original license.

Do the client apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad cost extra?

No. All client apps are free. Only the server requires a license.

What are typical AWS charges?

With the AWS free usage tier, Filosync can run for 1 year (5GB storage, 15GB of data transfer per month) in a new AWS account without incurring AWS charges.
After the first year, Filosync will incur AWS costs for 1 EC2 t1.micro instance, 1 t1.micro RDS database, an elastic IP address, and S3 storage. AWS charges vary by region. Purchasing reserved instances reduces costs.
For example, in the US East (N. Virginia) region, the cost would be $15/month for the EC2 instance plus $18/month for the RDS instance, plus $.05/GB for the S3 storage, plus $.12/GB for data transfer out (first 1GB per month is free).

How many devices may each user connect to the server?

Each user license includes 5 devices.

How are users with more than 5 devices licensed?

They require more licenses. For example, a user with 6-10 devices using the Filosync server would count as 2 user licenses.

Can I connect to multiple servers from my iPhone/iPad/Mac?

Yes! You can, for instance, connect to your company Filosync server as well as multiple client or vendor servers. Your login info is separate on each server.

How is Filosync licensed?

Every Filosync server license entitles you to perpetual use, and includes 12 months of maintenance (updates/upgrades/support) commencing from the date of purchase. Beyond this initial 12-month period you may renew your software maintenance for another 12 months* at discounted renewal prices:

License 12 Months Maintenance
Enterprise Server License $44.50 per user

* Maintenance renewals commence from the expiration of your active maintenance period, regardless of when the maintenance renewal is purchased. We'll send you email about the renewal process approximately 30 days before expiration.

About Us

Filosync Corporation was incorporated in early 2013, but work on the Filosync product began more than 2 years before that. We're based in Wakefield, Massachusetts (USA).


We believe that leveraging cloud computing shouldn't mean giving up control of your information. People and companies should be able to get the benefits of cloud computing, including elasticity, scaling, and no capex costs, and still retain ownership of their data.


We make products that "just work", with no complicated setup and no constant maintenace required.

When we make a mistake, we admit it. That's the way we learn and improve the product.

We're here to make customers happy, so we're as responsive as we can be to customer questions and issues.


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